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Power Generation Projects and Initiatives 

Building Resilient Communities

We’re helping northern communities to be more sustainable and resilient through innovative power generation and conservation initiatives.

Community Energy Park

The Community Energy Park is a microgrid that uses solar panels to make electricity, and a cogenerator to produce both electricity and heat. The smart grid controller is the brains of the microgrid and distributes the power to all three facilities, plus an electric vehicle charging station. The use of all these technologies together is unique in Canada, and helps prepare North Bay for the grid of tomorrow.

Merrick Landfill Project

The Merrick Landfill generates fuel derived from the landfill gas collection system. The landfill gas will be conditioned by a new gas module where it will be pressure, moisture & temperature regulated. The plant, at peak, delivers enough power for more than 1200 homes while consuming a renewable and greenhouse-gas neutral fuel.

Cogeneration Power Plant

Cogeneration is using one fuel (Natural Gas) to produce 2 outputs – electricity and hot water. Natural gas is burned in a large engine, similar to the Merrick Landfill Methane project, which spins a generator, producing electricity. Heat is recovered from the engine, for free, which is used to help meet the hot water needs of the hospital, such as space heating, hot water for cooking and cleaning. To put into perspective the magnitude of this project, energy from this plant has the ability to generate enough electricity and heat to supply the energy needs of 1350 homes per year.

Its overall efficiency is excellent as it operates at about 85-90% efficiency range, whereas electricity from a Nuclear Plant is around 30-40%. The benefits to the hospital include more back up power during emergencies, stable and cheaper utility costs as well as new, state of the art infrastructure which will extend the life of existing systems.


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