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Water is life! It sustains us, it cleans us, and it offers us a giant household mess if something goes wrong. Whether you need a renovation plumber, or an emergency plumber, Services can help. Located in North Bay, We’re your northern plumbing specialists.

That means that whenever you need someone to ensure your household plumbing is done right, the first time, and that it’s affordable as well.

We go above and beyond most companies, with our qualified and highly trained contractors ready to install, repair and maintain – giving you the best services, at a great price. Far too often, homeowners end up with half-done work by plumbers who prefer to cut corners. With Services, you’ll receive high quality work that’s done right the first time.

If you’re looking for plumbing for your kitchen or installing double sink to your bathroom, Services has what you need. We will provide a certified local plumber, and not only will you receive help in planning your renovation, but we offer a free, no obligation quote. That’s Services’ service.

But it’s not just the big jobs we focus on; we support our customers through every need – large or small. Whether you need help with an entire household job – or just some help to get that tap to stop dripping, Services’ plumbers are here for you. From emergency plumbing, to big picture plumbing, from a drip here to a full redesign there, Services team of local North Bay plumbers offer you the safety and trust of a qualified professional, with all the support you could need. Some companies offer you water; Services offers you peace of mind, high quality work, and dependable, reliable plumbing.

Whether you need an emergency plumber, or a contractor to help plan and install your ideal household plumbing, Services is here for you. Give us a call or e-mail any time.


HEAD OFFICE:  (705) 476-WARM(9276) • 74 Commerce Crescent, North Bay, ON P1A 0B4

ESPANOLA:  (705) 869-HOTT(4688)

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